“Brave, articulate, and important. ”

- Dr Maiya Murphy (Director, Performer, and Professor of Theatre Studies)

Schism, 2017

Interdisciplinary performance

Schism is borne out of the deep irony that it is easier to come out as gay than a Christian in college. 

Anchored in interviews conducted with female Catholics who experience same-sex attraction, this interdisciplinary performance explores the tension between perceivably antithetical identities. How do individuals negotiate these inner conflicts? What is it like to sit on the fulcrum of the conservative-liberal see-saw? Schism seeks to unmute conversation surrounding sexuality in religion and religion in community, paving the way for mutual respect, understanding, and compassion.

Each performance is followed by a post-show dialogue with the audience about faith and sexuality.

“The production was raw, illuminating and shone the light on something oft un-heard of. I found myself walking away enriched with nuggets of wisdom, but also immensely moved. ”


“An enlightening, sobering, and meaningfully disturbing piece.”

Screen grabs from two films, ‘Conflict’ and ‘Resolution’, featured in the performance   

“There was a well-curated mix of depth and breadth — in the plurality of the interviewees depicted. The play succeeded as a social device too. It is an excellent platform for further conversation, to bridge into other personal stories, or just to talk about related themes.”

“I laud Mariel’s vision in exploring such a novel yet necessary dialogue, her creativity in conceiving of such an unintimidating way to have it, and her courage in executing it.”

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Post-show dialogue with Mariel and her audience

                    ad majorem Dei gloriam

Written, Directed, and Performed by Mariel Chee 

Creative Team
Executive Producer: Bennett Lee
Production Manager: Sheila Fong
Stage Manager: Stacey Yuen
Set Designer: Gabriel Png
Sound Producer: Cheng Lijie
Gaffer/ Co-editor: Ang Wei Cong
Director of Photography: Soh Li Xia
Choreography Assistant: Gabriela Riestra

Technical Team
Farhan Abu Bakar
Alexandra Nicole Chan
Fairul Kasmat
Amir Salim
Arif Zainal

Special Thanks
Huzir Sulaiman
My interviewees
Yale-NUS Arts & Media

Acro Polates


Photography Credits
Aleithia Low
Teo Xiao Ting


Full list of acknowledgements in the programme booklet.