Walk With Me, 2013

Performance Art

Walk With Me is a one-to-one performance work that engages audience members in walking home barefoot and partaking in a feet-washing ceremony. Through the simple act of walking barefoot, I seek to instill in the audience a heightened appreciation of our human bodies and engender an intimate and immediate encounter with the city.

Instructions to self

I will walk with the audience member back to their respectives homes.

We shall remain silent on the journey back.

I will wash their feet outside their homes.


Instructions to the audience

Place your shoes in a ziplock bag.

No verbal interaction is permitted throughout the performance;

If pain is perceived, you can choose to continue or terminate the performance.
A medical kit is prepared for any emergencies.

Use of technology is not permitted.

Take 15 shots of anything you consider meaningful to you on this journey.

Be sensitive to your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.

Enjoy the journey back.

Installation displaying photographs & excerpts from Tasting the Ground, and Walk With Me film documentation


Special thanks to
Loo Zihan
Liao Jiekai

Nicole Ng
Darryl Loke 

Kelly Palmer
Bevin Ng
Ng Jun Jie
Janel Ang
Lu Kejia