At Home: Meditations on Love (2022) is an intimate, immersive installation that invites audiences to reflect on their relationships in the setting of a home in the midst of the pandemic. What has living in such close proximity to each other taught us about ourselves and the nature of love?

This exhibition was presented as part of Singapore Night Festival 2022. [Read more]

conversations & connections

Anchored in interviews conducted with 15 Catholic women who identify as queer or who experience same-sex attraction, SCH/SM (2017)  is an interdisciplinary theatre work that explores the tension between perceivably antithetical identities.

Each performance is followed by a dialogue with the audience on faith and sexuality. [Read more]




                   performance = live, embodied, temporal

Room for Rent (2016) looks at the portrait of Alex, a self-proclaimed 'Destitute in Geylang' who has been through countless cycles of evictions. Encounter Geylang through the eyes of someone who has made Geylang his home, its residents, his family, and experience what home means to someone who is homeless. [Read more]

Tunnel (2016) is an audio experience that takes the blindfolded audience on a journey through the internal landscape of Mr Lim, a middle-aged father of two children, from the waiting room of a hospital where he is diagnosed with HIV, to the windy balcony of a 20th floor flat.

The journey ends with a time of individual reflection and a facilitated group dialogue. [Read more]

Miles to Go Before I Sleep (2016) is a live performance accompanied by performance documented on film. Developed first on a night trail where my female friend and I slept in public industrial spaces, the work explores the sleeping body and its frailties and vulnerabilities in space. [Read more]

intimate, immediate
tactile, somatic

ROOM (2014) is a story-telling experience for one (or more) blindfolded person(s). It is entirely improvised each time in response to the audience's imagination. Amongst many other things, it has been described as virtual reality without a headset, an imagination massage, a collective lucid dream and purposeful daydreaming.

[Read more]

Stake Out (2012) is a one-to-one, unseen performance that takes place in a school classroom, in the middle of the night.

Running in the Family (2015) is an multimedia web documentary chronicling my personal family history through film, an interactive family tree, interviews with family members, and archival materials. [Read more]

Exhibited in Random Blends 2016, Artscience Museum. 

Walk With Me (2012) is a one-to-one performance where I walk home with an audience member, silent and barefoot. Through walking barefoot, I seek to instill a heightened appreciation of our human bodies and engender an intimate and immediate encounter with the city. [Read more]

Exhibited in School of the Arts Singapore. 

Minotaur (2011) is a site-specific performance that fuses the Greek mythology of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth with the concept of mindfulness in Eastern philosophy. Performers continually draw a maze with mop and water over a duration of five hours, and audiences are invited to walk in the labyrinth.
Image: Shawna Chia

other experiments

The mixed-media installation, Making a Racquet (2015), was created during a weeklong artist/writer’s residency in Art Hub@Liwa Desert, Abu Dhabi.

Lullabye (2015), experimental video.

The Phantom of (2010)
Ammonia on light sensitive paper.

Exhibited in National Art Centre, Tokyo in 2012.


Figure 11  (2016). Acrylic on plywood, site-specific installation. 

Amity (Handwritten words from the dictionary) (2011) Pen on  A1 paper.