Another City, 2016

Education Initiatve

Another City 2016 is a 4 day programme for primary school students, aiming to nurture empathy, compassion and self-reflexivity through an arts & design-thinking curriculum based on investigating a real-world issue in Singapore. We are a team of 8 undergraduate students who collaborated with CHIJ Kellock in June 2016 to conduct a programme for 15 students to investigate the social issue of urban poverty.

The neighbourhood of Jalan Kukoh was the site of investigation. The students were encouraged to use art as a tool to experience and understand the urban condition. Photography, free-writing, mapping and role-playing were some techniques we explored during this programme. This empathy-driven process allows students to identify needs of the neighbourhood in order to ideate and prototype creative solutions.

Co-founded by:
Jezamine Chua
Mariel Chee
Nicole Ng

Abhishek Bajaj 
Ruby Thiagarajan
Milon Goh
Rohan Shah
Jasmine Chua
Elaine Tsui
Ardy Samsir Kartolo
Xue Ni

Supported by:
Yale-NUS College
Cambridge University

In collaboration with:
CHIJ Kellock Convent

Students shared with one another what stories they are attempting to put across through their series of photographs

Curriculum structure:
[1] Explore, [2] Understand, [3] Ideate, [4] Create & Share