Room for Rent, 2016

Site specific installation

“Even if I got money, I won’t stay in a condo by myself. I prefer to stay here where got people. Because I don’t have family. That’s why when I see strangers, they’re all like my family. 

I don’t have a home. I am a survivor.”

Geylang conjures up strong impressions, even among people who have had little encounter with the neighbourhood. After all, the infamous red-light district of Singapore is known as a hotbed for criminal activity: illegal prostitution, gambling, contraband sale. But what does Geylang mean to the people who actually live there? Room for Rent looks at the portrait of Alex, a self-proclaimed 'Destitute in Geylang' who has been through countless cycles of evictions. We invite the audience to explore Geylang through the eyes of someone who has made Geylang his home, its residents, his family, and experience what home means to someone who is homeless.

Created by Mariel Chee & Sherlyn Goh